Personal trainer

Having danced professionally at an elite level for almost 20 years in some of the most prestigious classical companies worldwide, The Royal Ballet, Birmingham Royal Ballet, DĂĽsseldorf, Zurich, Vienna and Dutch National Ballet where he was a soloist for 12 years. Sefton retired and went into the field of nutrition, health and strength and conditioning.

His drive to return faster and stronger led him on a voyage of discovery into these areas. He traveled around the world taking different courses, finally enrolling in a Msc degree. With this knowledge he was able to train and fuel himself correctly, which helped him finish his career on top.

This gave him the opportunity to help others outside of the dance world.
He gave seminars on training to doctors, physiotherapists, medical students and trainers, as well as lectures on nutrition to many of the top artistic schools in The Netherlands. He was the strength and conditioning coach for The National Ballet Academy in Amsterdam and The Dutch National Ballet. He is frequently asked to consults by dancers worldwide.

He currently is the head coach at Vondelgym and now oversees the education of the trainers, the programming of various sports teams and train a wide variety of clientele from executives to actors.